The Climate Crisis

Throughout my career it has been clear that environmental sustainability and national security are inseparable. Unfortunately, too many lawmakers look at climate change as simply an “environmental issue.” It’s not. It is a social justice issue, an economic issue, a public health issue, and a national and global security crisis. I am eager to bring this perspective to Washington.

This isn’t a new issue for me. Environmental policies are integral to the work I have done throughout my career. At think tanks in the early 1990s, I analyzed and supported environmental research and activism in Eastern Europe. As a senior staffer for the Senate Armed Services Committee, I was responsible for homeland defense across North America, including preparing for and mitigating environmental disaster. At the American Security Project, I co-authored a report on the global impact of climate change and its security implications. While serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, I drew attention to the environmental damage caused by Russian and Eastern European corruption, negatively impacting health, safety, and human rights.

I have devoted my life to protecting the safety and security of Americans, and I know that in the 21st Century, our safety and security depend on injecting clean, sustainable, and innovative environmental practices into our industrial, housing, trade, infrastructure, and foreign and national security policies.

When I am in Congress, I will work tirelessly to pass comprehensive legislation that treats climate change for what it is: a historically urgent threat to national and global security.

In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Defend and expand existing legislation like the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and the Antiquities Act
  • Significantly increase funding for the EPA, including for coordinating investment in zero-emission energy and environmental resilience
  • Create a national transport electrification program, ensuring we have national, regional, and local infrastructure that will allow people all over America to choose electric vehicles; create incentives for people and businesses to invest in electric transportation
  • Create tax incentives, research grants, and other subsidies to spur innovation and efficiency in wind and solar manufacturing
  • Significantly expand and extend the Investment Tax Credits that support renewable industries, and create permanent protected funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • End billions in subsidies for fossil fuel companies
  • Create an oversight body to calibrate national policies to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and fund R&D for effective carbon capture and energy storage technologies
  • Create an organization to coordinate with allies on disaster preparedness, development of renewable energy, carbon capture, and other promising technologies
  • Direct investment and tax incentives for development of clean-energy public transport
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