Daniel Shapiro

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel

"I first met Dr. Farkas years ago, when we were both working in the United States Senate — she on the Armed Services Committee, and I on the Foreign Relations Committee — and we later served together in senior national security positions in the Obama Administration. Among many colleagues extraordinarily dedicated to serving the American public and keeping our nation safe, Evelyn stood out as a principled patriot — someone who would stand up for the truth no matter the cost. Now she has risen to the new challenges we face. From helping to expose Trump's corruption to her refusal to be silenced by attacks from the right-wing news media, Evelyn continues to prove that she has the grit, the heart, and the experience to lead. I urge all Americans, if you care about our nation's security, if you care about fairness and justice in our economy and our politics, if you care about fighting climate change, if you care about defending our democracy, support Evelyn's campaign."