Denis McDonough

President Obama's Chief of Staff

"I have worked with Evelyn for decades—our paths first crossed in the Senate and then again in the Obama Administration. From the White House Situation Room, where Evelyn and I spent many hours in the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, to the halls of Congress, Evelyn has proven herself time and again as a leader who embodies the qualities that make a great congressional representative—knowledgeable, dedicated in service to America, and quick to do whatever she can for those in need. The people of New York's 17th Congressional District have sent just such a remarkable leader to the US Congress for decades. In Evelyn, the people of the 17th Congressional District have the opportunity to continue that tradition. She has faced down tests from foreign dictators and domestic partisans alike and has the experience to make a difference for the country on day one. I urge them to seize this moment and elect Dr. Evelyn Farkas to represent them in Congress."