For America to thrive in the 21st century, it is critical that we increase investment in our education system. In an economy that will face the accelerating headwinds of automation and global competition, there can be no American Dream unless all Americans receive access to a high-quality and globally competitive education. Tragically, the data shows that we are failing our students, as America’s rankings have been falling across educational indicators.

As the daughter of Hungarian refugees and the beneficiary of Westchester’s great public school system, I was able to earn my doctorate and become a professor. I know firsthand the life-changing impact of a good public education. I am running for Congress to defend the American Dream, and I am committed to properly resourcing our educational systems to be the engine of upward mobility and innovation that Americans deserve.

Public education in America warrants greater federal support. We need to take a hard look at what has worked, and what hasn’t, with education reform—and apply that knowledge at scale.

I support effective oversight, accountability, and federal investment for existing public school systems as the best way to provide the accessible and high-quality education America deserves.

Education means more than just preparing students to do well on a test—it is about preparing citizens with the understanding, values, and skills for our democracy and economy to thrive. In the 21st century, secondary education will not look like it did in the 20th, and we must do more if we are to re-establish economic security for working people and remain the innovation economy of the world. I believe we must invest billions into existing resources, such as community and technical colleges, to ensure that they are totally accessible, regardless of income. We must also allocate funding to create and scale partnerships between high schools, community colleges, technical schools, trade unions, and employers, to ensure that American citizens receive the skills they need to compete in the global marketplace.

In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Increase the pay of all teachers, and assess targeted incentives for specific circumstances
  • Strengthen early education outcomes by creating incentives to provide and expand universal pre-Kindergarten educational opportunities
  • Ensure better access to adequate mental health, counseling, and special education resources, particularly in Title 1 schools
  • Expand investments in STEM education nationally, and introduce computer science to students across our education system
  • Increase funding for expanded programming at Title 1 schools to ensure quality after-school and summer activities that can help level the playing field for post-secondary access and success
  • Recruit and support great teachers with stipends and grants to ensure low-income and under-performing schools attract teachers equipped with adequate resources
  • Create funding programs to establish free or low-cost access to local tertiary education through trade schools and community colleges
  • Significantly increase Pell Grant or other tuition assistance funding, and create state-federal partnerships that ensure that higher education is accessible and affordable for all
  • Expand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program to include activities such as teaching, nursing, Peace Corp., Americorp, or other civilly and socially beneficial work as qualifying for loan forgiveness. 

  • Fund partnerships between high schools, local community colleges, technical schools, trade unions, and employers to align skills and business needs—for Americans that are starting, jump-starting, or re-starting careers
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