John Kerry

Former Democratic Presidential Nominee, Secretary of State, Senator from Massachusetts

EMILY's List

America's preeminent organization dedicated to supporting women candidates

John Podesta

Clinton Chief of Staff & Obama Advisor Podesta Endorses Farkas

Leon Panetta

Former Secretary of Defense, Director of the CIA, & U.S. Representative from California

Marcy Kaptur

Current Representative of Ohio's 9th Congressional District

Stuart Eizenstat

Former Ambassador to the EU, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Under Secretary of State, Chief White House Domestic Policy Advisor, and Special Advisor for Holocaust Issues

Dr. Zeke Emanuel

President Obama's Special Advisor for Health Policy, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania

Lois Frankel

Current Representative of Florida's 21st Congressional District, Chair of Elect Democratic Women

Denis McDonough

President Obama's Chief of Staff

Seth Moulton

Current Representative of Massachusetts's 6th Congressional District, founder of Serve America

Tom Malinowksi

Current Representative of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District

Carl Levin

Former Senator from Michigan and Chair of the Senate Armed Service Committee

Daniel Shapiro

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Bob Graham

Former Governor and Senator from Florida

Tom Duane

Former New York State Senator

Rob Reiner

Progressive activist, actor, and movie producer

Jill Lafer

Former Board Chair, NARAL-Pro Choice NY, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Jane Lynch

Award-winning actress & activist

Foreign Policy for America

America's preeminent group dedicated to electing members of Congress who prioritize diplomacy and human rights