Evelyn Farkas Statement on Renewed Attacks from Right-wing Republicans and Donald Trump Jr.

Monday, May 11, 2020


May 11, 2020

In light of renewed attacks from right-wing Republicans and FOX News hosts, Evelyn Farkas released the following statement about her testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in June of 2017 regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election:

"The latest allegations by Donald Trump Jr. and far-right media that I misled people on national television is a pathetic, partisan attempt to distract from the Administration’s botched response to the coronavirus crisis and the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Kremlin. 

In 2017, the far right and Russian bots, followed by Fox News and Trump administration officials alleged I was ‘leaking’ information during MSNBC television appearances. The recently released private testimony clears me. I ‘knew’ the Russians and Trump allies were threatening our democracy based on the sum total of my experience, not because of classified leaks.  So now they are alleging I stated on television that I had classified information. This renewed — and convoluted — effort to undermine my credibility and mislead the American people for Republican and Russian political gain will not diminish my fight for accountability and the truth.” 

In 2017, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia and Ukraine Dr. Evelyn Farkas raised the alarm on MSNBC when media reporting and the intelligence community began unearthing connections between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. In a coordinated effort to distract the American people from growing evidence of collusion, Republicans attacked Dr. Farkas, accusing her of leaking classified information, among other more outlandish claims, and summoned her to testify to the House Intelligence Committee. Subsequent reporting, the Mueller Report, and the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent conclusions all confirm Farkas’ early concerns that Russia was interfering in our elections and Trump advisors had colluded with the Kremlin in order to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.