John Kerry

Former Democratic Presidential Nominee, Secretary of State, Senator from Massachusetts

“I've known Evelyn for sixteen years, ever since I ran for President. I've seen her in the Situation Room, where difficult decisions were once made with judgment, values, and expertise—three attributes that define Evelyn. She was a policy foot soldier in my campaign, a senior fellow at the American Security Project (a research organization I co-founded to consider urgent national security issues like climate change), and an impressive policy stand-out in the Administration in which I served.”

“This is a district that has known a special brand of leadership for a long, long time. Nita Lowey set a high standard. Evelyn can be a powerful voice at a time when America's values are under assault. She's both practical and principled, and the district would be well-served to have her expertise at work in our dangerous world. I don't think you ever tell a New Yorker how to vote, but this is why I'm excited to support Evelyn."