Stuart Eizenstat

Former Ambassador to the EU, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Under Secretary of State, Chief White House Domestic Policy Advisor, and Special Advisor for Holocaust Issues

“This is very unusual for me—I don’t normally endorse candidates in primaries. I’ve spent over 40 years of my life working with members of Congress, and I know what makes a good and a not good congressman or congresswoman. It’s being able to service your district, being sensitive to the needs of your district, being accessible and approachable and sensitive, [Evelyn] has got all of those characteristics.

"I first met Evelyn when I came to Capitol Hill to brief her on issues of export-control, which she had oversight responsibility for through her role on the Senate Armed Services Committee. It was as clear then as it is now that Evelyn is a person uniquely dedicated in service to America. Her career has strengthened America's alliances around the world, and time and again, she has stood up for the truth when silence would have been more convenient. To me, this is the core characteristic of good moral leadership. In this time of great uncertainty, we need her voice in Washington now more than ever. I am honored to endorse Evelyn for Congress."