United States Postal Service

President Trump’s suggestion that the USPS should increase costs for Americans is ignorant, insensitive, and out-of-touch to even consider forcing during this pandemic when the Postal Service is a literal lifeline for millions of Americans suffering economically. As is so often the case with this President, corrupt intentions offer insight—Trump views the USPS, a taxpayer-funded institution, as a weapon to lash out against negative coverage of his administration by the Washington Post by hurting Amazon, both of which are owned by Jeff Bezos. The recent installment of an RNC fundraiser as Postmaster General should concern all Americans interested in federal services free of corrupt political intentions. In Congress, I will protect the USPS from political interference, and I will work to reform the organization to become an engine that supports our democracy and promotes economic equality

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a critical lifeline for millions of Americans and it must be protected and supported by the United States Congress. Particularly during the coronavirus, when millions of Americans are relying on home deliveries and under economic stress, Congress must continue to fund the USPS and protect its employees, who are frontline essential workers. 

Even before this crisis, the USPS was in need of reform to support long-term fiscal sustainability and ensure that its national infrastructure best serves the American people.The USPS has a unique reach into every neighborhood in America, and going forward, we can reform the USPS to become an engine that supports our democracy and promotes economic equality. 

In Congress, I will fight to: 

  • Immediately cover funding gaps for the USPS to ensure that they can continue to operate throughout the duration of this crisis, and provide PPE for all frontline workers


  • Empower the postal service to offer low-cost financial services, such as checking and savings accounts and low interest-loans, providing an alternative to predatory financial services for millions of unbanked Americans


  • Establish national vote-by-mail policies, enshrining the USPS's critical role in the exercise of our democracy


  • Provide greater flexibility for USPS leadership to determine the services they provide in support of an expanded mandate to ensure that Americans are connected—both financially and democratically


  • Overturn the 2006 GOP legislation meant to bankrupt the USPS by creating the unique financial burden of forcing USPS to fund pensions 75 years in advance 


  • Protect USPS from political interference and corruption, evidenced by Trump’s attacks and the recent installment of a major Republican fundraiser as Postmaster General


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